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A podcast to help you bring out your edge, your health and your fabulousness in a world filled of setbacks and limitations. Courtney Bentley, former bikini competitor, certified personal trainer and inspirational speaker brings the top experts to help you build a business and lifestyle you love. Every week brings another expert with tips and tricks to help you to reach your full potential in life, burst through the doors and look fabulous while doing it!. You have an infectious energy and enthusiasm for life, let’s ignite your full potential! Become Fit, Fierce and Fabulous and subscribe to get your motivation to slay your week!
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Nov 4, 2017

Welcome to Episode 37 of the Fit, Fierce and Fabulous Podcast where self-professed ‘spiritual junkie’, certified fitness trainer, behavioral change specialist and #FFF Founder Courtney Violet Bentley interviews Cory Hentzen & Candice Morales of Riding with Cory & Candice, a platform that empowers women and elevates their badassery through shared stories, adventure, and lifestyle. BFFs Cory & Candice dish on what it was like making a conscious decision to build a community of badass women, moving to Vegas not knowing anyone (even each other) and how to make friends as an adult, when you can’t exactly invite someone over to play anymore.  

Cory & Candice talk about mindset and how failure can actually be used as a measurement of your accomplishments.  (Who knew, right?) From failed bookclub attempts to saving each other from the “ugly cry”, find out what Cory, Candice & Courtney all have in common when overcoming roadblocks. Plus, they say good things happen in 3s so check out 3 book recommendations that will change your manifesting life, 3 go-to personal staples for immediate empowerment (#redlipstickemoji)  along with 3 life choices that shaped who these FFF women are today!  

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